3.8cm*9.1m Zinc Oxide Cotton Fabric Colorful Athletic Sports Coach Tape

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Product Description
1. Material:100%cotton
2. Width: 3.8*9.1m
3. Color: Various colors are available
4. Glue: Hot melt adhesive
5. Adhesive strength: 0.5N/mm-0.8N/mm
6. Elasticity ratio: None
7. Logo printing: Available on tubes, unavailable on fabrics

1.Have serrated edges for ease of tearing
2.Skin friendly hot melt adhesive can be applied directly to skin
3.Conforms easily to the skin
4.Waterproof and latex free (avoids skin reactions)
5.Come off the roll easily and evenly

1.Strapping bandages for strains and sprains.
2.Provide firm support to muscle ankles, wrists, hands and other body parts.
3.Fixing bandages for hot, cold packs
4.Compression bandage to help control swelling and stop bleeding
5.Sports equipment binding

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