6"Lumbar Support

Medsport is one of the toppest 6"Lumbar Support in China.During these years of exporting , Medsport now has rich experience

Product Name: 6"Lumbar Support

Ingredients: Nylon/Polyester/Cotton/Rubber/PP

Package: PE bags in bulk for Stabilizer Compression Support Sleeve

Package QTY: 1pc

Product Features: Built in four support bar, the outer layer has a strong pressure belt, and can be used for other accessories such as collocation

Design Features: 6" width high back, breathable material, Comfortable and portable.The elastic plastic sheet provides good support for low back pressure, adjustable double elastic design can stabilize the abdominal pressure, relieve pain

Materials: The main use of medical ungird and high strength composite breathable mesh structure

Users: Low back pain, back muscle contusion, back to keep warm

Size: S:58.4-71.1; M:71.1-83.8; L:83.8-96.5; XL:96.5-109

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