Breathable Low Leg Sleeve

Medsport is one of the toppest Breathable Low Leg Sleeve in China.During these years of exporting , Medsport now has rich experi

Product Name: Breathable Low Leg Sleeve

Ingredients: Neoprene

Package: PE bags in bulk for Stabilizer Compression Support Sleeve

Package QTY: 1pc

Product Features: Have binding effect, can concentrate the muscle force, slow down the leg muscle group in the jump and so on the load, improves the performance of the leg in sports

Design Features: Three chip cutting design, according to the small leg curve to make it uniform and compact coating, provide restraint protection effect

Materials: Neoprene can rapidly eliminate excessive heat and moisture, keep skin dry and comfortable

Users: Warm, leg muscle cramps

Size: S:28.3-33; M:33-37.7 L: 37.7-42.4 XL:42.4-47.1

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