Ceramic Knee Supoort

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Product Name: Ceramic Knee Supoort

Ingredients: Cotton, polyster, elastic yarn,Far infrared Ray

Package: PE bags in bulk for Stabilizer Compression Support Sleeve

Package QTY: 1pc

Product Features: It emits far-infrared rays to penetrate deep into the body to activate cells and provide therapeutic heat to improve blood circulation. It enhances cells renewal and provides soothing relief from minor pain associated with nervous system disorders

Design Features: The cylindrical sleeve adopts 4 ways stretched design,according to the Knee of the curve wrapped entirely,provide the wrap effect.Use the nano technology, the far-infrared rays are made into particles, and the design of the yarn is not easy to be caused by washing and the carbon loss of the bamboo is caused by washing.

Materials: Imported Cotton of ceramic yarn,elasticity,Duarble.The Ceramic yarn will provide anion and have the far-infrared effect.

Users: Knee warm, knee arthritis, slight contusion / sprain, knee weakness

Size: S:28.9-33; M: 33-38.1 L: 38.1-43.1 XL: 43.1-48.1

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