Colors Athletic Elbow Pads

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Product Name: Colors Athletic Elbow Pads

Ingredients: Cotton, polyster, elastic yarn,Far infrared Ray

Package: PE bags in bulk for Stabilizer Compression Support Sleeve

Package QTY: 1pc

Product Features: Closely covering elbow which is not easy to shift and more comfortable; Ease the elbow chronic pain; the basic role in health care; Warm effect

Design Features: The cylindrical design with both elastic sides make it evenly coating along the elbow-line and provide restraint protection

Materials: Adopting imported latex wire with good flexibility and durability.

Users: For elbow warmming, elbow phlogistic, slight bruise / strain, elbow weakness

Size: S: 15.2-19.3; M: 19.3-23.4 L: 23.4-27.5 XL: 27.5-31.6

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