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Item Details
Specification 2.5cm*5m,3.8cm*5m, 5cm*5m, 7.5cm*5m, etc
Elasticity ratio 1: 1.7
Materials cotton95%, spandex5%
Water proof available, 70% waterproof &sweat proof (level 3)
Glue coated with strong porous acrylic glue.
Pre-cut strip available, if you need.
Bulk roll can be customized
Color white/red/navy blue/black/pink/light blue/beige,etc in storage,
Customized color is available
Private label Can be customized, MOQ: 2,000- 20,000 rolls according to different requirements
Certificate CE&ISO&SGS
Delivery time For OEM order: 25 working days.
Sample Free sample available

Features :

1. Acrylic adhesive with hypoallergenic property.
2. The surface of tape is covered by non-adhesive grid paper, unwinding easily and any sizes by cutting available.
3. With good stickiness, contact to skin softly and comfortable, suit to any parts of body, no displacing and slipping.
4. High Strength: Soft cotton fabric with good tensile strength, the tape can effectively adjust the support force for bound parts of body.
5. With special S striation or straight grain on the adhesive surface and cotton fabric with good breathable, skin can respire and perspire freely.
6. With good waterproof and sweat resistance, the tape can be applied in any movement environment.

Applications :
1. Sports protection: Widely used for the protection/ supporting /binding up in sport. Its main functions are to increase the support force, reinforce the joints, restrict the movement range of the joints /muscles effectively to prevent pulled muscle.
2. Muscle physiotherapy: Treatment of sports injury, cruciate ligament injury, pulled muscle, shoulder & neck strain and joint sprain, increasing the space between subcutaneous tissue and sarolemma, helping lymph circulation, improving metabolism and the body’s natural healing power, relieving soreness and swelling of muscle and traumatism.

1. Reduces inflammation and Associated Pain
2. Decrease Muscle Spasms
3. Increases Circulation
4. Supports Full Range of Motion.
5. Excellent for Swelling and Edema
6. Supports Ligament, Tendons and Joints
7. For Training, Competition, & Rehabilitation.
8. All Weather Tape--Stays on in water, humidity and cold weather

Packing details and size
Item no. Size rolls per inner box rolls per case Inner box Size (cm) Case Size (cm)
EK801 2.5cm×4.5m 48 288 34x15.5x17 49x33x37
EK8015 3.8cm×4.5m 32 192 34x15.5x17 49x33x37
EK802 5.0cm×4.5m 24 144 34x15.5x17 49x33x37
EK803 7.5cm×4.5m 16 96 34x15.5x17 49x33x37
EK804 10cmx4.5m 16 96 34x15.5x22 49x33x37
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