Gauze self-adhesive Elastic Bandage

Hot Gauze self-adhesive Elastic Bandage - Medsport is the best Gauze self-adhesive Elastic Bandage supplier in China.

1. Self-adhesive property: Gauze self-adhesive Elastic Bandage The bandage can’t adhere to skin and hairs, fixed with folder and tape, and adjusted frequently with reliable adhesion.
2. High-quality composite gauze touches softly and comfortably;
3. The texture is light and ventilated to promote the exchange of skin and environment, so it is used comfortably;
4. It can provide the adjustable tensioning force and support force for the binding part.
5. With strong water resisting property, in case of water or sweat, it won’t fall.


This Gauze self-adhesive Elastic Bandage product contains the natural rubber which may cause anaphylactic reaction.

Technical Data
1. It is made of gauze with nylon;
2. The surface is coated with tiny natural emulsion particles;
3. Color: White;
4. Dimension can be customized according to special requirements.

Model Specification Dimension of medium-sized box Roll/ medium-size box Roll/case Package dimension
ST604 4cm*4m 24*18*4.5cm 12 288 50*38*36cm
ST606 6cm*4m 24*18*6.5cm 12 240 50*38*36cm
ST608 8cm*4m 24*18*8.5cm 12 192 50*38*40cm
ST610 10cm*4m 24*18*10.5cm 12 144 50*38*36cm
ST612 12cm*4m 24*18*12.5cm 12 144 50*38*40cm

Application field
1. Fix the base materials and fitting strip;
2. Prevent muscle sprain and injury;
3. Promote blood circulation and recovery with oppression bind;
4. Oppress venous insufficiency and control edema with hemostasis by compression;
5. Fix I.V. instrument positioning;
6. Fix leg binding after operation and local fixation of sprain and injury;
7. It is better applicable to infants and children due to its soft texture.

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