Heavy Weight Adhesive Elastic Bandage ELASTOGUARD-C

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Heavy Weight Adhesive Elastic Bandage
1.High strength: The cloth surface presents spiral braided structure and can improve the strength for dynamic binding;
2. High viscosity: The enhanced medical synthetic zinc oxideadhesiveis adopted with strong adhesive force and firm location;
3. Air permeability: The surface of adhesive plasteris full of ventilation holes to ventilate and perspire, and can assure normal breath of the binding part;
4. High elasticity: With spiral braided structure and elasticity≧160%, it can be applicable to various parts which are difficult to be bound;
5. Comfort: World-class cloth is imported, soft and accommodative and avoids the compression for skin without lockrand;
6. Accuracy: There is a yellow/red line in the middle of cloth to assure overlapping positioning during binding and uniformity of tensioning force.

1、High twist ,93%cotton elastic cloth;
2、Zinc oxide and hot melt latex free based adhesive mixture
3、Available in width of 1” 2” 3” 4” 6” length can be made as per request
4、Two colors can be selected: Skin color and white.

Model Specification Dimension of medium-sized box Roll/ medium-sized box Roll/case
ZX801C 5cm*450cm 6.3*6.3*5.5cm 1 720
ZX802C 5cm*450cm 6.3*6.3*5.5cm 1 432
ZX803C 7.5cm*450cm 6.3*6.3*8.2cm 1 288
ZX804C 10cm*450cm 6.3*6.3*10.7cm 1 144

Application Field
1. Provide support force for joints and limbs and cure fracture and muscle injury;
2. Bind up knees, elbow and neck;
3. Dynamics/pressure binding, meet the elastic need (mammectomy) and support the binding;
4. Cure ulcer and phlebeurysma.

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