High Quality Elastoguard Adhesive Elastic Bandage

Medsport is the best High Quality Elastoguard Adhesive Elastic Bandage manufacturer in China.

1. High strength: The cloth surface presents spiral braided structure and can improve the strength for dynamic binding;
2. High viscosity: The enhanced medical synthetic zinc oxideadhesiveis adopted with strong adhesive force and firm location;
3. Air permeability: The surface of adhesive plasteris full of ventilation holes to ventilate and perspire, and can assure normal breath of the binding part;
4. High elasticity: With spiral braided structure and elasticity≧160%, it can be applicable to various parts which are difficult to be bound;
5. Comfort: World-class cloth is imported, soft and accommodative and avoids the compression for skin without lockrand;
6. Accuracy: There is a yellow/red line in the middle of cloth to assure overlapping positioning during binding and uniformity of tensioning force.


1. It is made of imported cotton spandex;

2. Zinc oxide adhesive plaster adhesive forms irregular holes in the rubber surface after special treatment;

3. Two colors can be selected: Skin color and white.

Application field
1. Provide support force for joints and limbs and cure fracture and muscle injury;
2. Bind up knees, elbow and neck;
3. Dynamics/pressure binding, meet the elastic need (mammectomy) and support the binding;
4. Cure ulcer and phlebeurysma.
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