Hospital Disposable 3"*5 yards Latex Free Cohesive Bandage

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1. Non-woven Adhesive Elastic Bandage Easy to tear: It can be torn manually without scissors after binding and the section is tidy.
2. Self-adhesive property: The bandage can be self-adhesive on the surface, so it can’t adhere to skin and hairs, fixed with folder and tape, removed and adjusted frequently.
3. High elasticity: With elasticity≧200%, it can provide the adjustable tensioning force and support force for the binding part.
4. Non-woven Adhesive Elastic Bandage Patent technology: ZL00117267.0; ZL01132175.X;
Warning: This product contains the natural rubber which may cause anaphylactic reaction.
5.Economical,self-adhering bandage that provides excellent porosity in a lightweight,comfortable bandage.
6. Controlled compression – will not constrict.
7. Provides protection, superior adhesion yet is easy to remove.
8. Sweat and water resistant with non-slip support.
9. Variety of colors, prints and sizes.

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