Infusion Fixed Packages

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• Fixed plate is a sterile PP material production
• Join spandex stretch yarn woven polyester spandex ︰ 91 ︰ 9
• cloth material Weight: (with spandex) 32 ± 1 g / m (39 ± 1g / m)
• woven elastic ratio: 1 ︰ 2.0 ± 0.3

Product Features
• green plastic parts, safe and reliable, upper and lower panels with holes, breathable and strong.
• Fixed plate frosted increased coefficient of friction, easy to slide.
• an elastic bandage having a high degree of tightness can be adjusted to provide the supporting force and the tightening force, with good tensile strength
• self-adhesive bandages, non-stick hair, skin, clothing, case does not fall off the sweat
• Easy Shredded bandage after bandage scissors do not need
• bandages safe, non-allergic, do not cause allergic reactions on the skin of rubber.

• Fixed plate with a bandage combination is the best combination.

Application areas:
• Mainly used in pediatric transfusion fixed and constrained their activities difficult to cause puncture drug extravasation, causing swelling and other conditions, is ideal for the prevention of pediatric intravenous infusion leakage.
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