Light PU Foam Underwrap Bandage

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1.With light and thin texture, use for separating the skin from cohesive bandage and avoid skin rubbing and inflammation;
2. Have no residue after removing bandage;
3. Open the roll easily and use it comfortably;
4. Comfortable, air-permeable, breathable and hygroscopic.

Technical Data
1. It is made of sponge material without adhesiveness;
2. Elasticity≧300% and thickness: 0.8mm or 0.6mm;
3. Color: White or skin color;
4. Dimension can be customized according to special requirements.

Model Specification Dimension of
medium-sized box
Roll/medium-size box Roll/case
UN807 7cm*27m 50*34*16cm 48 192

Package dimension: 70X51X34cm

Application field
1. Insoles and socks in the fixing climbing shoes, ski boot and other sport footwear.
2. Versatility and binding up according to respective preference.

With Medsport, you won’t be injured during sports.

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