Light Weight Elastic Adhesive Bandage

Hot Light Weight Elastic Adhesive Bandage - Medsport is the best Light Weight Elastic Adhesive Bandage supplier in China.

Product Introduction
• Cotton, Spandex, High-molecular polymer
• Single coating
• Full sizes and various colors

Product Features

• Elasticity self-adjustment, no limitation of joint activities
• Easy to hand tear, save time and labor

Product Application

• Prevent and ease the joint sprain, strain, swelling, soreness
• Give joint local security dynamic pressure by scientific use of elastomer tension

1. Material :100% cotton
2. Color : White &skin color
3. Detailed description:
-Hot melt glue coated cotton,perfect air permeability
-aluminum\elastic clip available
-comfortable to skin,easy in using
4. Width:2.5cm, 5cm, 7.5cm, 10cm etc;length: 4.5m, 7m etc
5. Packing: certain rolls per inner box,certain boxes per carton

Product Specification
Item No. Size Size of Carton Box Rolls/Inner Box Rolls/Carton
ZX501 2.5CM*450CM 62.5x36.5x58CM 60 720
ZX502 5.0CM*450CM 62.5x36.5x58CM 36 432
ZX503 7.5CM*450CM 62.5x36.5x58CM 24 288
ZX504 10CM*450CM 62.5x36.5x58CM 18 216
ZX506 15CM*450CM 62.5x36.5x58CM 12 144
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