Non-woven Adhesive Elastic Bandage

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1. Non-woven  Adhesive Elastic Bandage Easy to tear: It can be torn manually without scissors after binding and the section is tidy.
2. Self-adhesive property: The bandage can be self-adhesive on the surface, so it can’t adhere to skin and hairs, fixed with folder and tape, removed and adjusted frequently.
3. High elasticity: With elasticity≧200%, it can provide the adjustable tensioning force and support force for the binding part.
4. Non-woven  Adhesive Elastic Bandage Patent technology: ZL00117267.0; ZL01132175.X;

Warning: This product contains the natural rubber which may cause anaphylactic reaction.

Technical Data:
1. It is made of non-woven fabrics with spandex stretch yarn;
2. The surface is coated with tiny natural emulsion or synthetic adhesive particle;
3. Twelve colors can be selected;
4. Dimension can be customized according to special requirements.

Model Specification Dimension of medium-sized box Roll/ medium-sized box Roll/case
HZ401/KZ401 2.5cm*450cm 24*18*5.5cm 24 576
HZ402/KZ402 5cm*450cm 24*18*5.5cm 12 288
HZ403/KZ403 7.5cm*450cm 24*18*8cm 12 192
HZ404/KZ404 10cm*450cm 24*18*10.5cm 12 144
HZ406/KZ406 15cm*450cm 24*18*15.5cm 12 96

Package dimension: 50X38X36cm

Application field
1. Fix the base materials and splint;
2. Prevent muscle sprain and injury, bind up after hemostasia by compression and avoid I.V. injection hematoma and prevent and cure I.V. bush/ ureter venous disorder.

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