Printing Non-woven Self-adhesive Elastic Bandage

Before shipping , Medsport’sNon-woven Printing Adhesive Elastic Bandage are packed with strong wooden case with waterproof cloth to avoid any damage.

1.Design the unique printing trademark as required by customers to publicize the image of our company;
2. Print the cute pattern to help patients relax;
3. Printing Non-woven Self-adhesive Elastic Bandage The material is light, ventilated and perspires, so patients use it comfortably;
4. It can protect wounds and provide the adjustable tensioning force and support force;
5. In case of water or sweat, it won’t fall.

Technical Data
1.It is attached with unique pattern of printed fabric to reflect personality;
2. Self-adhesive property: The bandage can’t adhere to skin and hairs, easily removed and fixed with folder and tape;
3. It can be torn off by hands horizontally and the section is tidy;
4. The pattern of printed fabric can be customized as required by customers;
5. Dimension can be customized according to special requirements.

Model Specification Dimension of medium-sized box Roll/ medium-sized box Roll/case
PZ401 2.5cm*450cm 24*18*5.5cm 24 576
PZ402 5cm*450cm 24*18*5.5cm 12 288
PZ403 7.5cm*450cm 24*18*8cm 12 192
PZ404 10cm*450cm 24*18*10.5cm 12 144
PZ406 15cm*450cm 24*18*15.5cm 12 96

Package dimension: 50X38X36cm

Application field
1. Fix fitting strip and podical plate;
2. Fix other dressings, I.V. and other instruments positioning;
3. Promote blood circulation and recovery with oppression bind; oppress venous insufficiency and control edema and protect muscle sprain and injury;
4. Fix leg binding after operation and local fixation of body.

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