PU sports foam bandage underwrap tape PRE WRAP

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Foam underwrap
Professional quality,pre-taping polyurethane foam underwrap.Used to protect the skin prior to taping.
·Color available: White.Skin;
·Length and width can be made as per request;
·Material: Polyurethane foam;



1. Protect the skin from friction and chafing
2. No adhesive residue upon removal
3. Soft and comfortable
4. Breathable

Apply under adhesive bandages/tapes
Hold pads,socks and cold packs in place
Protective wrap under boots,and other athletic footwear

Hold up sleeves and create a knee strap

Use For:
1. Hold pads and socks in place and as protective wrap inside hiking boots, ski boots,and other athletic footwear.
2.Foam underwrap can be applied before tape job

Item no. Size Rolls/box Rolls/case Inner box Size Case Size
UN807 7cm×27m 12 96 26x17x15cm 54X36X46cm
UN810 10cm×27m 12 96 26x17x15cm 54X36X46cm
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