Sports Waterproof Leg Pre-cut Kinesiology Tape

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Sports Waterproof Leg Pre-cut Kinesiology Tape
1. EK80* series kinesiology muscle tape adopts the water wave coating process.
2. It features strong adhesiveness, low irritation to skin,excellent compliance to skin and waterproof.
3. The elastoplast material can help promote the flow of blood and lymph under the skin.
4. Application under the instructions or help of kinesiology experts, it can relieve pain, improve the flow of blood and lymph,
reduce edema, promote healing of wound, support and relax soft-tissue, help correct unhealthy posture or actions.
5. High-quality cotton provides the maximum support;
6. With the special hot melt adhesive formula, high viscosity and firmness, it won’t shift during drastic action;
7. Elastic Kinesiology Tape With strong air permeability, it makes for sweat evaporation and maintains strong adhesion and stability.

Packaging Details:
Size: 40cm*12.5m

Packaging: 2 pcs/ bag

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