Sterilization Therapeutic of Gauze Bandage

Medsport is the best Sterilization Therapeutic of Gauze Bandage manufacturer in China.

1.Sterilization of gauze bandage
2.Soft but strong,self-sticky only
3.Breathable,porous,water proof

Sterilization Therapeutic of Gauze Bandage !

MDS Self-adhesive Conforming Gauze Bandage,not sticky to hair & skin,CE,FDA,ISO9001,ISO13485 certified:

1, Cotton+ PBT woven fabric, porous, light weight,comfortable to users
2, Good tensile strength
3,Excellent conforming performances to contoured body parts
4, Water resistant,will not loose in sweat or water
5. More comfatable to babies and children

70% cotton;25% latex glue;5% spandex
Adhesive Strength
Base Dimension
1,the tolerance of width ±1mm
2,the tolerance of length 4500˜4600mm
1,elasticity ratio: 1:1.7±0.2
Validity Time
24 months

Technical Parameter

Item No. Specifications Inner box size Rolls/inner box Rolls/carton Outer carton size
ZT904/KT904 4CM*4M 25*19*4.5CM 24 288 52*40*38CM
ZT906/KT906 6CM*4M 25*19*6.5CM 20 240 52*40*38CM
ZT908/KT908 8CM*4M 25*19*8.5CM 16 192 52*40*42CM
ZT9110/KT9110 10CM*4M 25*19*10.5CM 12 144 52*40*38CM
ZT9112/KT9112 12CM*4M 25*19*12.5CM 12 144 52*40*42CM
ZT904B/KT904B 4CM*20M 11.3*11.3*5CM 250 250 59*59*52.5CM
ZT906B/KT906B 6CM*20M 11.3*11.3*6.9CM 100 100 59*59*31CM
ZT908B/KT908B 8CM*20M 11.3*11.3*8.8CM 100 100 59*59*39CM
ZT9110B/KT9110B 10CM*20M 11.3*11.3*11CM 100 100 59*59*47CM
ZT9112B/KT9112B 12CM*20M 11.3*11.3*13CM 100 100 59*59*57CM
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